Plot Edit

Ice Queen, Fionna and Cake plan out how to enter the Ice Kingdom without being detected. Ice Queen presents Fionna and Cake with sweaters to keep warm in the Ice Kingdom. As Fionna is overlooking the Ice Kingdom, Ice Queen then pushes her down towards the ground. Cake and Ice Queen join Fionna in her descent. Fionna pinpoints a weak spot in the ice dome with her sword and they came crashing in. Cake becomes a parachute and they float down into the darkness of the ice dome. On the ground, Ice Queen and reveals a lantern to illuminate the darkness and Cake gives Fionna her sweater to further warm Fionna's body, much to Ice Queen's horror ( as she believes Fionna to have two heads for a moment.) Ice Queen forms a sled from ice so they can explore the Ice Kingdom. Together, they travel through the now Patrice's winter palace to find a way to rescue "weird dude " ( Benny as Ice Queen called him). Along the way, they witness how drastically the Ice Kingdom has changed : it is now a gloomy, depressing frozen desert covered in darkness with all of its inhabitants turned to ice. Cake's personality seems subbed as they journey farther in.  They crash into Chris's ice house where Fionna asks Chris to join them to take Patrice St. Pim. Chris decides against joining them, so Fionna, Cake, and Ice Queen toward the Ice Queen's castle, which has become much larger and more pyramid-like. Reaching the castle, the group enters through a hole and parachute down using Cake. When they land Cake  is shown to have an icicle forming on her head. She seems very somber. Chris bring Patrice to them in an attempt to stop their plans. Patrice seems very despondent and explains his plan of turning the Land of Aaa back to the age of the Elements by using the prince's power with Bennys magic as battery for the spell. However,  the plan backfired horribly when the newly awakened Elements grew out of control and started using their power excessively, creating the current state of Aaa. Ice Queen discovers a frozen Benny being used as a table for food. She grabs him and escapes through the window. Cake has become engulfed in ice and is unwilling to follow, so Fionna grabs her him and they escape the dome with Ice Queen. Back in the Cloud Kingdom, Ice Queen cooks a special soup to help melt the ice on Benny and Cake away. Now together, the four of them start to form a plan to rescue Aaa.

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