The Lichress Queen
The Lichress (formerly known as The Lichress Queen) is the gender-swap counterpart to The Lich. She also plays the main villain where she nearly kills Prince Gumball. It showed that she was ultimately imprisoned in a large glob of amber in the ancient tree that serves as the castle of the Candy Kingdom. After being defeated again, the Lichress apparently continued to inhabit the body of the waving Snail.


The Lichress is rather taciturn and speaks only in brief statements. Because she seldom speaks, her words carry great gravity. In spite of her intractability, she is visibly shocked when Fionna survives her fire attack, and she laughs heartily when Fionna attacks her with Fionna's sweater. She has only raised her voice once, when Fionna asked the possessed Prince Gumball if everything was all right. She also has an apparent disdain for all living things, as Prince Gumball said that her only desire was to destroy life.