Plot Edit

The episode starts off with Fionna and Cake sitting by a tree and Fionna in a sleeping bag with cake hovering on then air. Fionna gets up from her sleeping bag and notices her friend is there she yells Cake and repeats and repeats then she tells her she is meditating and then say she is going to the internet with her mind. She then says that she downloaded a "little dance" she then begins to do the "little dance" before she is interrupted by Fionna exclaims look some ninja are stealing that old ladies diamonds. Cake then says lets go help her she then stretches into a larger form that she has to walk on all fours and her tail is on her end Fionna and Cake then attack the ninjas when they here a voice cooing and crying. Fionna then asks what the sound is and Cake answers her and says that it is Prince Gumball's Monochromicorn they then do the same rider on horse routine and Fionna asks why he is crying his only response is crying. They then soon find Ice Queen holding kidnapped Prince Gumball they fight the fight Ice Queen and the episode ends.