Raggedy Prince is the gender swapped counterpart to Raggedy Princess. He seems to giggle while speaking to Fionn,a implying that he has a crush on her like other princesses. It's possible he has the ability to sew ripped things like Fionna's Backpack with her feet; Raggedy Prince is one of the princes that helped to make her a new one after the original was ruined.


  • It is unknown if the Raggedy Prince has a kingdom to his own, but he may not considering his main position.
  • Raggedy Prince fell in the ditch by accident and was too embarrassed to admit it, so he lied and told his friends that "neer-do-wells" threw him in.
  • Raggedy Prince was revealed to be able to sew.
    • Although he has no arms, he was able to sew Fionna's backpack.