Jelly Kinders are Candy People who are thrown on the Candy Palace's ceiling as decorations for the Biennial Gumball Ball. The Snail can be seen amongst them. When Fionna asks if they are real, Prince Gumball claims they're not alive and that "they can't even talk," prompting one to start making babbling noises and flapping its arms. Prince Gumball puts his hand over its mouth and nobody seems to notice that it was talking and moving. He then tells Fionna to kick the Jelly Kinders to stick them on the ceiling, which she does. Cake calls them boogers. It is unknown if they exist in the Land of Ooo. They come in a variety of colors, and are shaped like little men. They appear to be made out of a sticky, jelly-like substance. The German word das kind means child, and the pural form die kinder means children, so when Fionna said jelly 'kinders' she was saying "jelly childrens."