Gertrude is the gender swapped counterpart to Gunter. Gertrude's gender is male he probably didn't gave birth to (the kitten )


Gertruder looks like a regular penguin with big black eyes, a black back and a white flat belly.


The Ice Queen sometimes gets upset at Gertrude, such as when she accidentally broke her video game or ate her socks, but the Ice Queen seems to appreciate her company. The Ice Queen often speaks to them like a mother. The Ice Queen was able to distinguish one penguin from all the others.


  • Gertrude, for some reason, was dubbed the most evil creature that Hana Abadeer had ever seen, indicating that one of Ice Queen's penguins may secretly be evil and smarter than others realize.
  • Although Gertrude is a penguin, he makes a "wenk" sound.
  • For some reason, Marshall Lee's journal had the name Gertrude on it.
  • Gertrude, according to the Ice Queen, likes to smash bottles and eat socks.
  • It seems that Gertrude often goes into Ice Queen's arms, and stinks up Ice Queen's underarms.