|nombre = Dulcimer

|imagen =

|sexo = Masculino |edad = 30 Años (Perro-Monochromicorn)
1 Año (Cronológicamente) |especie = 25% Gato
25% Aliens
50% Monochromicorn |introducido = "Cake La Mamá" |familiares = Cake (Madre) |Lord (Padre) |Fionna (tía) |Charlotte (hermano) |Kimberly Ann (hermana) |C.D (hermana) |Cake Jr. (hermano) |Carrie (abuela paterna) |Margat (abuelo paterno) |Hermaine (tío paterno) |Dechel Monochromicorn (abuelo materno) |Bonnie Monochromicorn (abuela materna) |Brat (cuñado)}} |ultima aparición = "Lluvias de Verano"

Dulcimer is the son of Cake and Monochromicorn. The hybrid is Monochromicorn / Cat. He is a gender swapped counterpart to Viola.


Dulcimer has a black and hair / tail light brown coat, wearing a blue cap with a hole Donden sticking his horn. He has inherited his father's body, eyes, mouth, and legs and his mother's ears, arms, nose, and tail.

as we see Dulcimer has the front legs of cat and horse traceras


Dulcimer has the ability to teleport from one place to another. you can fly with its tail, using it as a helicopter. You can open black holes like his father.



  • Dulcimer is the name of the instrument Cake plays.
  • Dulcimer is the most like Lord Monochromicorn in facial features.

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