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Countess Lemongrab is the gender swapped counterpart to Lemongrab. She is the high-strung, stubborn ruler of the land of Lemongrab, and the heir to the Candy Kingdom. The daughter of her not-so-proud father, Prince Gumball, she was the first of PG's experiments gone wrong. This relation technically allowed her to usurp the throne to the Candy Kingdom after PG's de-aging, until his original age of 18 was restored. Once Prince Gumball was 18 again she was fired, and returned to Lemongrab.


Although not particularly tolerant of pain (screaming when slapped on the hand by Fionna, weeping after being punched in the stomach and pushed down, screaming for several minutes after eating spicy food, and moaning after falling from the apple tree), Lemongrab apparently has a high tolerance to physical injury. This is shown by the fact that she fell head-first out of the window of the tall castle's tower, and out of a tree, and was completely uninjured. This is because her body is made of extremely heavy, hard lemon candy- after falling from a great height, she leaves a deep indentation in the ground.

It is a common medical condition amongst candy people to explode when they are frightened. However, the Lady is immune to this condition, because she is so "hard-shelled." It appears that her hard exterior makes her impervious to many injuries.

She always carries a whip, but her proficiency in sword fighting is of yet unknown, as she hasn't been shown using it yet.