Adventure time jake vs me mow promo gender swapp by julietsbart-d4i85oj

Bow-Wow is on the right

Bow-Wow is an assassin and the gender-swapped counterpart to Me-Mow. He is a second-class assassin of the Guild of Assassins and is trying to kill Wildberry Prince to be made a full member assassin. Bow-Wow poisons Cake with a syringe full of green liquid. He stated when he failed his assassin's test he will have to wait a year to retake it.


Besides his skills with stealth, as well as having a hidden dagger, he is extremely agile - able to jump great heights and scale objects with ease. He is also a great hider.


  • Bow-Wow keeps an antidote so he can poison others and make them kill for him, offering the antidote only if they do. However, when Cake is in this situation Ru-Ruff says that he's going to betray her (while sleeping). Cake's hand is in her nose when he says this, but he doesn't react to the statement.
  • Bow-Wow is a wordplay for the stereotypical sound that dogs make.
  • An alternate name for Bow-Wow is Ru-Ruff.